Our Mission:

The mission of the International Human Trafficking Institute is to leverage the collective efforts of private, public, educational, faith-based, and civic organizations to accelerate local, national and global movements to end the trafficking of persons.

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Atlanta Fights Human Trafficking 2020. 
The collective AFHT2020 Strategic Plan uses technology and training, public policy compliance, and outreach and education to traffic-proof vulnerable persons and prevent demand.  Alignment with the advocacy community is key to our success in reducing trafficking activity. 

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A Cycle to Break

Most efforts to combat human trafficking focus solely on removing and restoring victims or stopping the traffickers. Our efforts specifically target demand prevention. 



Million Dollars generated

A study done by The Urban Institute estimates the Atlanta underground sex industry generated $290M in income in 2007.



men buying sex from an adolescent

In a given month, 7,200 men buy sex with an adolescent female in Georgia according to a 2010 youthSpark study.



cases of human trafficking 

In 2017, there were 276 cases of human trafficking in Georgia were reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline—20% of which were for labor trafficking.


Focus Areas

Focusing on the following areas has helped us craft a concise and targeted plan for the next three years.


Traffic-proofing vulnerable people

Aligns existing metro-wide resources to address systemic conditions to improve social, educational and economic conditions for youth and their families

WHY: Vulnerable people are prime targets for trafficking due to poverty, frail families, and lack of positive adult relationships

demand prevention

Introduces effective strategies to increase public will to hold buyers accountable for their illegal and harmful acts

WHY: “Buyers” are allowed anonymity and minimal punishments, while most local, national, and global anti-trafficking efforts are focused mostly on victims and pimps


"Human Trafficking of all forms cannot be tolerated in the 21st Century.  We must  do what we can, when we can, to insure that not even one person is exploited by labor or sex trafficking.  Please join me along with the International Human Trafficking Institute, the Center for Civil and Human Rights and justice-seeking persons everywhere to learn something, see something, do something."

- Rep. John Lewis


Get Involved

Staying aligned and partnering with other organizations and advocates is crucial to our success. We cannot end human trafficking alone. In the past six months alone, our coalition has worked with over 100 individuals from more than 25 organizations to develop our Strategic Plan. The more voices brought to the table, the more successful we can be at putting an end to trafficking activity in Atlanta. 


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