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Whenever there is a crisis, those who are most vulnerable suffer the most. Organizations working to end sexual exploitation are facing demands of unprecedented proportions. Rescue shelters are overflowing.  Victims seeking rescue are increasing. Youth are spending every day in a home environment that is toxic and unsafe.  Residential houses for survivors must remain operational 24 hours each day. Recovering women transitioning into their new lives have limited accessibility to support systems. Adults at home with their children are not aware that the more a child is online, the greater her/his chances are of being approached by a predator.

We want the community to know that we are accelerating our work, and stepping up to do all we can to be both the lifeline and anchor that so many need.

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Coming Up

IHTI is proud to partner with Men Stopping Violence to offer a limited training series called “What Men Can Do to Stop Sexual Exploitation: A Conversation for Men.”  This conversation series is geared toward males, but all are welcome to attend.

Most men oppose sex trafficking. Most men do not purchase sex. However, all men can take action to reduce the demand that drives sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

We invite men to join us for a free, one-hour conversation about what can men say and do to make a difference.  All conversations are facilitated by a trained Men Stopping Violence instructor.

Available Training Dates for June (Click on the date and time you would like to attend):

June 23rd @ 12:00 pm    June 24th @ 7:00 pm  June 25th @ 12:00 pm     June 25th @ 7:00 pm

              June 30th @ 6:30 pm

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June 5th at 7:00 pm "Ambassador of the Quarter Speaks - Meet Shawn Smash- Jett" - Missed It? Catch the video here!

June 12th at 7:00 pm "In a Storm, How Do We Find Strength?: Learn & Raise Awareness" - Click Here to watch the video if you missed it. 

June 19th - Off for Father's Day Weekend.  Happy Father's Day to all.

June 26th - TBD

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IHTI'S SIGNATURE: Labor and Sexual Exploitation In Plain View Training

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 Request a 1-HOUR Training for your organization

A 1-hour introduction to the truth of human trafficking, its’ massive scope in Georgia, and who is most at risk. In this one-hour, attendees learn how vulnerable people become prey to sex and labor trafficking. Attendees will leave the event knowing the signs of human trafficking and what immediate action they can take if they see it in their neighborhoods or around.


Building an Action Campaign to End

Human Trafficking

Companies, civic and faith organizations & academic institutions understand the responsibility and value of social responsibility.  Human Trafficking is a human rights violation that calls us to seek justice by social change.

The International Human Trafficking Institute & Wellspring Living are offering  4-HOUR ADVOCATE WORKSHOPS that will provide attendees with an overview of:

  • definitions labor and sexual exploitation
  • social conditions that facilitate the exploitation of persons
  • steps to address these conditions
  • guidance on how to build a collective action campaign within your community that focuses on the solution

Attendees will leave with a written plan to implement their campaign.   A minimum  of  3 people from each company or business organization must register and attend together.