Protect Young Minds is now Defend Young Minds!

Protect Young Minds is now Defend Young Minds!

Summertime and screen-time can be a scary combination. Consider these two facts:

  • Increased screen time: Screen time is up during the summer for many kids. It’s a default activity.
  • Increased risk of digital dangers: The more time kids spend online, the greater their risk of exposure to porn and contact from online predators.

The good news is that with a little planning, your kids can enjoy

  • awesome summer memories, and
  • going back to school armed with refusal skills for digital dangers!

Here are 3 of our best summer resources!

#1. Five ways to bring your family closer and increase emotional resilience

  1. Share family stories-research shows that kids who are more connected to their families, enjoy greater resilience in troubled times.
  2. Play a new game together-my family enjoys Bubble Talk, Apples to Apples, Say Anything, Catch Phrase, Swish, and Vertellis conversation cards.
  3. Create a gratitude journal to cut back on complaining-this is life-changing! Feeling gratitude is the quickest way to change your kid’s mood and outlook on life.

See the other two ways and get all the fun ideas here.

#2. Screen-free activities for fun face-to-face time

Pulling kids off screens takes planning alternatives. We’ve pulled together 7 to jump-start your summer fun!

Here are a couple:

  1. Create a tech basket for when your kids’ friends come over-great for sharing your family’s tech rules and teaching boundaries!
  2. Set up an e-free “digital reset” day-every week or a few times during the summer will yield surprising results! Some kids feel more relaxed and others love discovering new activities that boost their imagination.

Get the details and discover several other screen-free ideas here.

#3. Use summertime to teach your kids healthy tech habits with Brain Defense

Many parents are taking advantage of summertime to arm their kids with digital defense skills using our Brain Defense: Digital Safety curriculum. All children need training on how to choose the good and refuse the bad in their digital world.
Brain Defense has been most helpful. My kids love watching the videos and quote all the funny parts.
Yet they are still learning about being tech safe. It is a good springboard for further family discussion. 

-Kelly, Parent

Brain Defense is engaging, funny and open & go. Kids ages 8-12 will learn from videos and a colorful workbook featuring the Brain Gang-older peers who teach healthy tech habits, how to deal with bullying, what to do if they see pornography, and the principles of good digital citizenship. Find out more here for families, here for classrooms/coops and here for schools.

Summer memories are some of the best! My kids remember trips to a local beach on Puget Sound, picking blackberries, blueberries and huckleberries, weekly adventures at a local organic farm, and lots of time to read and explore. And of course, we included screentime in the mix, too! (Weird fact, one of their favorite videos was a documentary about Deadly Bugs!)