SAVE THE DATE: Boycott Wendy’s Week of Action, November 15-21!

Time to get creative: Get ready to participate in a series of five, 1-minute virtual actions in support of the Wendy’s Boycott during next month’s national Week of Action, November 15-21!

PLUS: San Francisco students and community members pay a visit to DoorDash headquarters to demand the company drop Wendy’s as a business partner and #DeliverWithDignity! 

Recent news of yet another brutal forced labor case in agriculture, and the growing evidence of the Fair Food Program’s unparalleled power, have demonstrated that it is both necessary and possible to radically transform farm labor conditions in the U.S. agricultural industry. Yet despite the many compelling reasons driving the continued expansion of the leading social responsibility program in the food industry today, Wendy’s unconscionably refuses to join the Fair Food Program, leaving farmworkers in its supply chain vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.  But Wendy’s stubborn refusal to step up to the gold standard for human rights protection has not deterred the Fair Food Nation from its mission to expand the FFP’s protections to farmworkers in the hamburger giant’s supply chain.  And over the years, each action, big or small, virtual or in-person, has brought us closer to bringing Wendy’s into the Fair Food fold.

Which brings us to next month’s big Boycott Wendy’s Week of Action!