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June 2018

When Given Kachepa first arrived from Zambia as a young boy, he expected to sing in a choir and gain an education. Instead, he was forced into servitude.

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May 2018

Reviewing 58 cases of sex trafficking of girls in foster care in Florida between 2007 and 2014, it is alarming to note that in 74 percent of the cases, the girls were exploited in sex trafficking AFTER placement in foster care.

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April 2018

Inside the U.S., Bruggeman said, there are no reliable estimates on the number of victims of labor or sex trafficking — which under federal law, means being subjected to involuntary labor or commercial sex through “force, fraud, or coercion.”

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April 2018

U.S. law enforcement agencies have seized the sex marketplace website as part of an enforcement action by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to a posting on the Backpage website.

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March 2018

In traditional prostitution stings, police officers usually arrested only the women who were selling sex. But there is growing awareness that many women caught in a life of prostitution are there against their will. Some prostituted people are victims of trafficking, and others feel that they have no other options. Arresting victims and the vulnerable has done nothing to prevent the harms caused by the commercial sex industry.

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March 2018

The systematic buying and selling of young boys and girls for sex is growing at a shocking rate in the United States and around the globe.

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February 2018

For the last several years, every city that has hosted the Super Bowl has waged an aggressive campaign against sex trafficking.

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February 2018

The City of Atlanta and Fulton County have been at the forefront of America’s efforts to address child sex trafficking.

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January 2018

Those working to counter human trafficking want to abolish, or at a minimum dissuade, the use of the Internet to advertise commercial sexual exploitation (often called sex trafficking) on well-known websites, including Craigslist and Backpage. Public discourse tends to focus on prosecuting traffickers—the person(s) forcing, coercing or manipulating a person to perform commercial sexual acts—and the perversion of the Internet to facilitate their relationships with unsuspecting victims. Though less is known about the emergent networks of secret chatrooms, open forums, and membership-only platforms that foster exploitation and sordid sub-communities for sex purchase, and purchasers…..

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October 2017

At this month’s CEASE Network webinar, Robert Beiser, Executive Director of Seattle Against Slavery, demonstrated the successful implementation of two technology platforms—through a philanthropic initiative called Project Intercept—that address both the supply and demand of sex trafficking. The products have been developed over the past year in partnership with volunteers who work at Microsoft.

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