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March 2020

By: Aris Folley March 25, 2020

Pornhub has pledged to donate 50,000 surgical masks to medics and first responders in New York City and said it will make its premium content free for users for the next month during the coronavirus pandemic.

“With nearly one billion people in lockdown across the world because of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important that we lend a hand and provide them with an enjoyable way to pass the time,” said Corey Price, who serves as vice president of the adult entertainment streaming giant, said in a statement.

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February 2020

By: Frances Marcellin May 21, 2019

In 2014, when Nadia Murad was 19, ISIS attacked her village in Iraq. Hundreds were killed (including 600 men, some from her family) and she was forced into sex slavery with other Yazidi women and girls.

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February 2020

By: David Pendered September 17, 2019

Atlanta has paid respects to a “warrior” in the battle against human trafficking, and the recognition of Deborah Richardson reminds of her view that the issue is not prostitution, but humans being bought and sold.

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February 2020

By: David Pendered July 8, 2019Georgia’s top prosecutor of human trafficking crimes took office last week at a promising time – both the job and three stringent laws were established July 1, indications of the state’s growing interest in combating a crime that’s drawing increased attention around the world.

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February 2020

By: Emanuella Grinberg and Christina Maxouris February 3, 2019

Atlanta (CNN)The 2019 Super Bowl has drawn thousands of people to the host city of Atlanta, but not everyone’s in town to join in on the festivities. Volunteers and outreach services from across the country are working with city agencies to use the biggest sporting event in the United States to open the public’s eyes to human trafficking, the crime of forcing someone to perform sex or labor for profit.

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February 2020

By: Bobeth Yates June 27, 2019

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) — Now when you drive down Fulton Industrial Boulevard you now see one of the latest efforts to curb sex trafficking.

“The point of our billboard campaign is to show the pain and suffering, to show how these young women and men have been victimized,” said Deborah Richardson with the International Human Trafficking Institute (IHTI). Richardson is talking about the regional effort to tackle the area’s sex trafficking problem.

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February 2020

By: Gracie Bond Staples January 15, 2019

The alarms about whether Grammy winner R. Kelly has been sexually abusing young women, even holding them hostage in a home here in Johns Creek, have been shrieking at high C for nearly two decades.

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February 2020

By: Katherine Kaufka Walts October 27, 2019

Emerging research brings more attention to labor trafficking in the United States. However, very few efforts have been made to better understand or respond to the labor trafficking of minors. Cases of children forced to work as domestic servants, in factories, restaurants, peddling candy or other goods, or on farms may not automatically elicit suspicion from an outside observer as compared to a child providing sexual services for money. In contrast to sex trafficking, labor trafficking is often tied to formal economies and industries, which often makes it more difficult to distinguish from ”legitimate” work, including among adolescents. This article seeks to provide examples of documented cases of child labor trafficking in the United States and to provide an overview of systemic gaps in the law, policy, data collection, research, and practice. These areas are currently overwhelmingly focused on sex trafficking, which undermines the policy intentions of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (2000), the seminal statute criminalizing sex and labor trafficking in the United States, its subsequent reauthorizations, and international laws and protocols addressing human trafficking.

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February 2020

By: Matt Agorist October 24, 2019

Livingston, LA — A high-level Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy — who commanded the SWAT team — has been arrested this week for unspeakable crimes against children. Dennis Perkins, 44, and his wife Cynthia Perkins, 34, are accused of multiple counts of child rape and the production of child pornography, among other disturbing charges.

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February 2020

By: International Human Trafficking Institute May 20, 2019

ATLANTA, May 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The International Human Trafficking Institute (IHTI), an initiative of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Inc., launches a powerful and provocative billboard advertising campaign, “The Truth in Trafficking,” which focuses on disrupting and re-orienting the perception of predators. The dramatic and captivating ads depict ravaged dolls designed to show the predators’ perception of the victims as something less than human. It is that gross misperception that rationalizes the predators’ willingness to impose the horror they do on innocent children that the ad campaign aims to eradicate.

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