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"Continue to build movements stretching across the globe because we must put away our willingness to profit from the exploitation of others.”

Honorable John Lewis

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Safety and Security Training in Rome 2-13-2020

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On August 14, 2021, IHTI joined over 500 incoming students at Clark Atlanta University to discuss ways to protect themselves from various forms of human trafficking. Students fall prey to the lure of social media phenomenons and during the pandemic the site OnlyFans saw a rise in registration. Not only were celebrities using the site to introduce new projects, high school and college students were experimenting with how to make additional money. OnlyFans is now listed on The National Center on Sexual Exploitation's 2021 Dirty Dozen List.

For more information on protecting children and young adults from the dangers of OnlyFans, read the attached article from DEFEND YOUNG MINDS.

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