The Solution

Our 3-year strategy will focus on the Solution – Hold buyers who purchase humans for exploitation accountable, thereby decreasing the demand for Human Trafficking.

The Plan

  • identifies how the International Human Trafficking Institute (IHTI) will coordinate efforts and support partners to dramatically reduce human trafficking across metro Atlanta
  • aligns with the ITHI’s intended objective of reducing demand
  • uses multi-prong approaches of technology, training, public policy agenda & compliance, and outreach & education
  • encourages collaboration and ownership amongst partners
  • incorporates inputs from all participating partners
  • addresses everyday Demand, as well as targeted efforts, to reduce demand at major events

Action Items

  • are prioritized by impact on Demand reduction in the Metro Atlanta area

  • currently being executed by partners will be leveraged and shared across the Coalition as a best practice

  • will help to build a community culture of intolerance for buyers


Why focus on Demand?

Most efforts to combat human trafficking focus on solely on removing and restoring victims or stopping the traffickers.

To download the complete strategic plan:


How We Got Here

The anti-human trafficking project team completed hours of online research and interviews with non-profit organizations and city representatives since January 2018. 

The common themes pulled from successful anti-human trafficking efforts can included law enforcement prioritizing demand penalization, private sector involvement, coalition building, and technology utilization.

The development of the plan was a collaborative effort across many sectors in the  metro Atlanta area.

Key partners:

  • Accenture

  • Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

advocacy organizations:

government and law enforcement:

  • Central Atlanta Progress

  • Atlanta Regional Commission

  • Fulton County

  • Dunwoody Police Department

  • Georgia Public Service Commission

  • Office of DeKalb County District Attorney

  • Georgia Attorney General

private sector:

  • The Blank Family of Business

  • The Coca-Cola Company

  • Deloitte

  • Delta

  • Lexicon Strategies

  • Metro Atlanta Chamber

  • Moxie

philanthropic & Non-profit:

faith community:

  • Ahavath Achim Synagogue

  • Church Women United

  • Congregation Or Hadash

  • Ebenezer Baptist Church

  • Emory Candler School of Theology

  • Interfaith Children's Movement

  • National Council of Jewish Women - Atlanta Section

  • The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

  • The Temple


Strategic Plan Development Approach


  • Captured baseline research and contextual insights via client interviews
  • Facilitated stakeholder interviews for best practices, lessons learned, and outreach support
  • Conducted online research to identify 
  • Attend local events and national webcasts to better understand the landscape for trafficking statistics and the partners working to combat statistics


  • Designed multiple group activities, with agenda reviews from Accenture Design Thinking SMEs
  • Facilitated three workshops for 60+ partners
  • Compiled and synthesized outputs into themes


  • Prioritized action items across a three-year timeline
  • Consolidated action items, best practices, and workshop outputs into final deliverable

Our strategic plan was created in partnership with Accenture.