Become an Actionary to End Human Trafficking

Become an Actionary to End Human Trafficking

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Become an

Actionary to End

Human Trafficking:

(Actionary - an active stockholder/stakeholder in a community)


Tell those you know about Labor and Sex Trafficking that happens in our community and how Buyers drive Demand for sex trafficking.
Ask your employer to allow human traffick training for all employees on how to Human Trafficking Proof the ATL.
Talk to male youth and adults about the harm to victims when they buy sex with a minor.


Join a group who is asking law enforcement to arrest buyers of human trafficking victims and to convict them.
Support efforts for more rights for victims of trafficking and access to services and training to rebuild a healthy life.


Program the Hotline phone numbers into your contacts TODAY.
It is Georgia state law for hotels, restaurants, convention centers and sports venues to post the human trafficking hotline posters in public restrooms. If you don’t see them, tell the manager.